The advances in the internet have created an abundance of career opportunities for those looking to work in a web based field.  If a person is looking to get into online marketing, there are many colleges that have incorporated the study of internet marketing into the courses that they offer.  These courses focus on topics that include the study of search engines, social networks, email, banner advertising and other online sources that are used as marketing tools.  There is a high demand for degrees in this area since internet marketing is now the preferred way for many to gain and communicate with clients and customers.  In light of this, there are several degrees that are ideal for anyone wanting to launch a career in online marketing.

Many schools are now offering degrees specifically in internet marketing.  One can acquire an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in this area.  Programs are available at schools through on-campus classes as well as through online education.  A degree that is specifically dedicated to online marketing is likely to provide students with the most in-depth study of online marketing than any other degree.  Students can expect to learn everything from the fundamentals of marketing on the web all the way up to more complex areas of study in this field.  A quick internet search can put one at the fingertips of schools that offer these degrees.

A general marketing degree can also be acquired if one wants to launch a career in this field.  Because of the huge role that the internet plays in today’s marketing arena, most marketing degrees now dedicate a substantial amount of course work to marketing and advertising online.  Many general marketing programs spend as much time and course work on internet based strategies as a degree that is specifically in internet marketing.  Before enrollment, one should make sure that these type of courses are offered and evaluate whether or not enough time is dedicated to learning online techniques and strategies.

A variety of degrees in mass communications are ideal for those striving to become an internet marketer. The study of mass communications will focus on numerous forms of communications such as television, print and now the internet.  As with a general marketing degree, students should evaluate how much material will be dedicated to the internet aspect of marketing and advertising before enrolling.

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in business will also focus on this area of study.  Business degrees will include the basics of starting and running a business along with advertising and getting customers and clients.  There are even degrees that focus specifically on running an internet based business.  Marketing online is widely covered and can be chosen as an emphasis of study at many colleges.

As one can see, the best degree to get for an online marketing career is one that is a specific internet marketing or advertising degree.  More and more colleges and universities are starting to adopt this area of study because of the vital role that the internet plays in today’s marketing world.  Other options are to get a general degree in marketing, mass communications or business.  Many degree study programs provide their students with the opportunity to choose online or internet marketing as an area of emphasis.  Even the ones that don’t do this often dedicate a substantial amount of course work to web based marketing techniques and strategies.  Always evaluate the amount of study dedicated to this online advertising and marketing before making a final decision to partake in the program.

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So many people today, even some of the clients I have interacted with often ask why they should put the time into a blog to help promote their site.  While I know a blog can take time away from other pressing matters in a business there are some benefits to having a blog.  I want to share a few of these thoughts with you.

In the beginning, you created a website.  I am sure you did this to help promote your business online either directly through your business cards or by trying to possibly draw more traffic to your product.  When you did this you had the hopes of promoting your specific product or service and to get people to invest in your business over your competitors.  The first benefit to having a blog is you can delve into topics that your competitors don’t even give mention to that may be  a really important aspect of your business.  It is a fact that about people shopping for services or products online spend 37% of their time doing research for the product they are going to buy.  As you may have just guessed this is a great way for you to provide education about your service through a blog!  I can’t count the number of times I will be searching for a specific item and get drawing to a post in a blog and after reading it I usually find many other articles in that business blog about other topics related to what I am researching for and take time to read those.  Now I know I am not the only one who does this.  It is a great way to get the information out!

Another benefit to having a blog is getting to start interacting with potential customers.  With your blog you usually have an area where people can comment on your post.  This is a great way to help people get answers to questions they may have or even get compliments from other peers in the business and start building a network of contacts to help your business in the process.  It will accelerate even more if you put a feed to your blog to where your posts can reach out to literally millions.  You can draw in customers simply from articles you write that could attract their eye.  It is truly an amazing tool that is free to help promote your company.

Lastly, and this probably comes from the SEO side of me.  Keyword focus.  This has been a debate but I believe that you should limit a specific keyword phrase to one page on a site, especially if you have multiple keywords you are targeting to your perspective buyers that don’t relate to one another and do not have relevancy of a long tail.  To avoid this you can simply break out posts in your website to help maximize the potential to that specific keyword. By doing this you can rank easier on different non related keywords than trying to stuff your main product you are trying to sell.

These are just a few benefits of having a blog, but do yourself and business a favor today and start blogging.  If nothing else blow off some steam in your company blog!  :lol:

What is Web 2.0?

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This has been a term that has been passed around since roughly 1999 but was based around speculation up until a web conference held by O-Reilly Media in 2004.  Web 2.0 is not about an upgrade of the World Wide Web in any way.  It is not about going from version 1.5.9 to version 2.0.  It is simply a philosophy that has emerged to help develop the web to meet the end users needs more effectively.

Back in time two major players emerged in a search or software battle.  This was a difference between Netscape and Google.  Netscape wanted to make search more of an application one would load on their computer and the user could come and search for what fancied them at the time, updates to this software and even how one would use it would come through the company as they sought fit.  Giving literally no opinion of improvements to come from the user’s who actually were using the software.   As an opposite to this tactic, Google introduced a Page Rank factor to their searches to help people find other more popular area’s or websites that would be closely related to what the user was searching for.  This same philosophy has helped Google excel in search today.  A parable to this is the latest headlines you may read about now is in regards to mobile phones.  IPod, while their phone has swept the country to help bring the web to its viewers basically anywhere has simply failed to see this philosophy that Google has tried and mastered not only in the search industry but also now through the Droid in the phone business.   App’s that can be downloaded through iPod while they are useful are still based in a world of control.  Sound familiar to the Matrix?  IPod apps are controlled through apple as to what is being released to the public.  This is a safe move but in the end could be robbing end users of possible apps that could be very useful.  While with Google they want app’s to not be so controlled as to what is produced or the quality to be released.  This in turn will have app’s being produced that otherwise may never become available and which will meet the end users needs!    The users will be helping to create and mold these apps to levels that would never be attained otherwise.

With this evolution of app’s as just a part of the pie, helping to expand web developers of all types to try and create an interactive search that betters’ users and businesses as a whole.  With billions of users’ world wide it was no accident that users would shape the way search is done.  It is not merely enough to produce a piece of software and try to force feed it down.   There is a required sense of engagement now to where you have to interact with your user and bring something to the table that is actually of use.  What Web 2.0 points to is that social media is now playing a big part in how blogs, video sharing and social networking can help contribute to the Web as much as it can consume.  So as stated in the beginning Web 2.0 is not an upgrade to the web by any means, but is in fact a growing evolution of how we the people interact with the Web.  I believe us to still be on just the beginning of even more creative and future changes to the Web.  It will have to adapt to the users in order to survive just as we must adapt to our environment I am sure Web 3.0 is just on the horizon.


Say What?

When you first start your business and especially after you put long hours of no sleep into building your website.  Outsourcing someone to put content on your website can be a touchy subject.  I was reading this article the other day called “Never Work for Chump Change.”  It dawned on me that this was very true.  Think about all the time you spend into building your site, time is valuable!  By outsourcing and having someone provide content for your site in turn, will free up your time to either do more link building, application coding or simply managing your PPCs.  The trick to finding someone to outsource to that can provide you with quality content and at the same time no be too far off with proper English grammar.  This in itself is asking a lot but I want to share a company that does good article for you in any niche that you can use to help fill some of that blog content and hopefully free up some of your valuable time.  Check out Text Broker.  This company does a good job at being able to find author’s that are competent and also affordable.  At first before you are able to find some good authors for your specific niche you will have to just have to go into the general assignment area and read the articles you get back.  Over time I have found that  you will start developing some relationships with these authors and will in turn save you time.  They will start recognizing what you are looking for in an article and speed up the process of getting your content back quicker.  Saving your time is what it is all about, to free up other area’s you can focus on.  Good luck in your content writing endeavors and definitely check out this company if you are starting out.

What Makes a Good Backlink

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As many  have found getting links can be an easy task when you know where to look.  Even when you get these links it does not always mean it will benefit your website with increasing page rank.  I want to touch a bit on what to look for to make sure you are getting a good link pointing back to your site.  Now there are many websites, SEO tools and addon’s to different web browsers that you can use to make sure you are getting a good link pointing back to your site.  Use whatever you are familiar with that will help  you identify each of these tip topics.

Tip 1: Look for content quality in relationship to your website.  A link that has relation to your relative niche for your website with a keyword pointing to you site is a big boost and helps give favor to your website.  This helps give some authority to your site and is highly favored by the big “G”.

Tip 2: Another big factor to look at beside the content on the page is the page title.  The search engines use this to help index what pages are all about.  So it is another way to ensure you are getting more authority to your site just based off of page title related to your backlink niche.

Tip 3: Anchor Text.  This is a simple one but make sure you are not putting “here” or www.bestkitchens.whatever for your anchor text.  Make sure your anchor text is matching up with the specific keyword you are working towards with content relative to that anchor text.

Tip 4: Page rank of web page.  Now this will vary depending on what strategy you are going for.  It is not bad to work towards getting links that only have a 0 or 1 PR.  I say this because over all these will hopefully turn into higher page rank links over time so in a way these type are investments, especially if you know they will stay up over time while their page rank builds.  However; if you are looking for significant boost to your website you need to really be looking for PR 4+ to see a significant boost in your rankings.

Tip 5: Look who you are around.  It is a good idea to make sure, especially with sidebar links to see who else is next to you in the link list.  If you are all about pets for your niche and most people around you that are getting links are not related to a pet niche in any way, shape or form then you need to either look else where and see if you can get the webmaster to remove your link.  Sometimes these links are seen as either link farms or paid links which google does frown upon.

Tip 6: Check the indexed pages to page rank ratio.  If you come to a site and it has a lot of links coming out of it.  It is not always the best boost but if you are intent on putting a link on that page make sure it has plenty of pages indexed that support what a aged site with high page rank would have indexed.  These can be a sure sign of link farm.

Tip 7: Check out how many links are coming from the site.  On one of my other posts I related page rank as electricity.  Now when you get shocked initially and it doesn’t make to many jumps it will give your site a good shock aka back link.  However if you have a ton of back links coming out of a site the amount of shock you are going to get will be more like static electricity and will not give you a good boost from the link.

Tip 8: Get .gov and .edu domains.  These type of links because of the natural links to those sites and google putting authority to those sites if you can get a link from these type of domains it can really boost the strength of your own domain.

These are of course not all things to look for but are a few key area’s  you should pay attention to when you are trying to get a good backlink.  Hope this helps all of you in your link building ventures!


Over the years You Tube has developed an impressive outreach to the public.  You tube accounts for approximately 40% of all United States videos served up on the web.  Its competitors; Fox Interactive Media, Hulu, Viacom and other various Microsoft sites only account for a total of 9% combined.  Another fun filled fact is You Tube is also the second largest search engine on the web, (video wise) next to Google.  With You Tube leading the pack it is no wonder so many people have turned to this powerhouse for advertising.  It is so massive of a social networking site that many businesses today are looking to pass along their brand awareness through this free service.

Videos are fantastic tools to reach out to your perspective audience.  Even in cases where language is a barrier in some area’s a video that may teach how to accomplish a task can breach this obstacle.  When someone may not understand you they can certainly watch and learn through action.  Videos are also great for spreading brand awareness for services you may offer and providing a link back to your website after a video is done being viewed.  A well titled video in You Tube can show up in Google fairly easily.  As Google owns You Tube authority is definitely passed along through the index pages in the search engines and definitely helps in promoting a You Tube video.  Another perk to having a video either on You Tube or linked to your website is its interactive nature with your audience.  They are great ways to help someone who stumbles on to a site to linger a little longer when they have a video that catches their attention so it is important to have an attention grabbing video.  With all these benefits You Tube is easily a key viral promotional tool.  When people like what they see they have the potential to get the word out to their friends and passed on to their other friends which brings what every marketer craves, free promotion!

Other than having a domino marketing effect to reach many people as a motivation there are also a few other factors to consider.  Feedback is offered through these videos.  It is a fact that not all videos are equal in quality or content but you can be sure that the audience viewing your advertisement will be sure to give you their opinion for better or worst.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you receive a frowned upon review as you can quickly go back and try a different approach for your next campaign.  Also, the benefit in putting up a video is you don’t have to have a high budget to pay for some overly expensive actors to play a part either.  In many videos they use simple and informative ways such as using a power point slide show to educate their perspective audience on various products ranging from selling chewing gum to ways of getting cheap car insurance quotes.  With You Tube you don’t need to have that million dollar wow factor to help win over your audience, so don’t wait!  Jump on this viral marketing that is sweeping the world and get your business seen,… literally.


I absolutely love blogs.  It is great way for people to express themselves and also to reach out to their followers that have common interests with their topics.  There are many ways that blogs can help your  website.  Below is a list of some great benefits to having a blog, take a look!

Simple URL’s:     Blogs, are by nature easy for the search engine bots to crawl and index.  This can in turn provide a way for people searching for other long tail keywords to find their way to your site.  Any additional traffic you can bring to your website the better.

Link Magnet: It is no surprise that you can get links much easier coming to your blog than coming to your main homepage.  Basically if you people come to your blog to read the latest on what ever topic you are engaged in, if people like it they have a good probability to spread the word through linking to your blog from theirs.  This is a great way for reaching out in your respective niche to another audience that may never have heard of your site before.

RSS :     RSS feeds from your blog will assist in building link popularity and when RSS content is syndicated or cited by other blogs, any embedded links will also assist in sending traffic.

Fresh content:     Getting new material up on your site is rewarding in two ways.  It can keep people coming back and engaging in your site as well as making sure the big “G” keeps coming back frequently.  This will help your new content to become searchable much more quickly than if you only put up fresh content once a month.

Non-Search traffic:     The best thing about blogs is that they have nothing to do with search engine rankings.  My point is that blogs allow you to generate substantial amounts of traffic via RSS and links that have NOTHING to do with search engines.  And this is golden and is probably one of the most important reasons to have a blog.  The more traffic base you can build without having to do the work to get to the top five in google the better and more stable your website business will be.

In a nutshell blogs can help promote your website without having to be focusing on link building all the time and is a great way to express your thoughts.  Over time I believe we will see trends like twitter, RSS and other similar services being able to reach a much broader traffic base rather than going after a certain keyword in the search engine.  So break into the field now while you can and experiment, if you are successful you will see an increase in your traffic base.  Happy blogging!


I am sure we have all sought after ways we can get more links to our website.  People can make a real business just out of providing this kind of service.  What I want to share with you is some ways you can get free back links to your site.  While this process can definitely take time, especially starting out over time you will see the rewards and even get quicker at doing it.  See some of these greats ways below.

Directory Submissions: You can get a bunch of free good back links to quality directories.   There are some things to look out for while looking for directories to submit your website to.

  • A good directory would never ask for a link back
  • Try to find how old the directory is, the older the better
  • Check the number of sites already submitted because the more the number of sites the better it is
  • Check if the site links to websites that are potentially bad neighborhoods.

RSS Feeds: Many people out there are don’t want to put up new content themselves and will go out and grab RSS feeds to provide their content. With people wanting to use your new content this can in turn provide the potential to get many links pointing back to your site for free.

Article Marketing: Write articles that relate to your websites niche and submit them to places like e-zine articles.  After you write a few articles you can usually get the option to  put links to other sites in your signature page.  The great thing with these article sites is you can get engaged with a community that will provide traffic to your site and also these sites have some good page rank which can help make the link to your site more powerful.

Website Review: There are websites  that conduct reviews of  other websites.  Submit to these and with each review you are sure to get at least one free back link.

Tools and Widgets: Get some good applications on your site that other people find valuable and that will get some good use.  If you can get something popular enough you can ask people that sign up to use the application to provide a link back to the site that provided that tool.  It is a great way to build up some links.

There are still many other ways you can get free links back to your site in which I hope to touch on some in the future.  Until then, keep researching and finding other ways to get those links, in the end it will only help you!

Top 8 SEO Tips

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Yeah, I’ve read this before what else is new?

We have all read tips on the internet to try and better ourselves as marketer’s.  Some of the tips out there are genuine, others are misguided.  What all these boil down to is how can you rank your site on the big “G” the quickest.  After all regardless of your business, the more traffic you have coming to a site the better your chances are of conversion.  So, I want to give you my prospective on what to look for as you create and or help rank your current site and things I wish I could have known when I first started in the SEO business.  I do this in the hopes that it will save some heartache for some future generations SEOers!

Tip 1: Keyword RESEARCH. Yes this is a two word tip.  This is Always the number one thing I like to do before putting any of my time or money into your search engine optimization efforts.  Why do I say this?  You could have a target in front of you, you know your key audience.  You may even have the bow and arrow to get you to that target.  However, you may not have the arrow head you need to get your arrow to stick in that target.  Knowing what people are actually searching for in your niche is extremely important not only to help you bring in traffic to your site but also to raise your conversions.  When you have your keyword set you know it is going to stick to your target “audience.”  This in the long term will also save you time and money.  As you succeed in a keyword, this in turn is a snowball effect to help you change your focus to other keywords that can broaden your audience and increase your sales.  You can do research for free here.  While this is not the only tool you can use to do research it is worth using just to get an idea of traffic and keywords you may choose for your respective business.

Tip 2: Know the rules!  I firmly believe whether you are hiring someone to do your links or you are venturing into your own SEO work, you should know Google’s Webmaster guidelines.  I am a firm believer in white hat tactics.  The more you can adhere to google’s rules the better off and more longevity your site will have.  If you have never heard this before, there are things you can do to get your site ripped out of the search engine.  There are a lot of different factor’s that can attribute to this but you need to know what CAN hurt you.  This also will help if you are going to hire someone to help weed out those SEOer’s that could potentially do more harm than good to your website.  Like GI Joe, knowing is half the battle.  You can read these guidelines here.

Tip 3: Use the Title-tags.   This does not necessarily guarantee substantial movement in the search engines but it is a good way to get people to click on your site.  Think about this for a moment, when you do a search for anything in Google results show what is in the title first.  One thing you want to stay away from is having an untitled web page.  It will not attract too many visitor’s if any at all.  With this more times than not you only have one shot to make a good first impression.  When people search, they are skimming your title’s trying to find what best pertains to what they are looking for.  So be creative and be professional.

Tip 4: Get good content on the website.  It is a good idea to put up content on your site.  This is something the big “G” loves.  Fresh and new content being put up on your site definitely gives you some kudos from the search engines.  This also is a way for you to fit in your researched keywords you believe will best help your business.  As you put up this content, be sure to include the keyword you are looking for as these will get indexed and gain age over time.  This will in turn be setting up your site to build some powerful prospective pages to link to and boost your over all domain’s page rank and authority.

Tip 5: Get to work on getting links!  This is something you should start as soon as you have the first five tips done.  While every domain is different, and by this I mean different in age, content, page rank, etc. Link building will help your site rank (if done correctly) and a lot of different factor’s can either give you a good link or a bad one.  One good method to do is go out and start doing blog commenting related to your websites niche.  While these are not always permanent they can provide you with some google juice flowing to your website and help lift you up in the search engines a little for each link you have.  Another good way is to do article marketing.  These are good ways to get some high PR sites to point back at your site with content related to what your business is all about.  It is always a good to try and get links from other relevant domains as this can help Google see your site as having some authority in a specific niche and will help a website get a little bump up from other websites that you may compete against.  Some debate that page rank does not matter, I believe this to not be true.  When you get some links pointing to your site that are PR3 + it will definitely boost you up in those search engines as long as they are not from farm blogs ;-)   I see this transfer of page rank much as an electric current.  If you get shocked by the outlet some of that electricity passes on to you.  This same concept applies to links pointing to your website.  So get started on these right away!

Tip 6: Start doing some social networking.  Many years ago before the age of technology people had to communicate with other businesses to help each other grow.  Same thing applies today.  Get involved with forums related to your niche. Use face book and twitter.  These are some great ways to reach out to a lot of people who you may not otherwise be able to reach with ad campaigns and other conventional methods.  I view this similarly to getting a job.  You may go out and get a degree and have many qualifications that show you can do the job, but in the end it was really who you knew who got you the job.  Try reaching out, you will be surprised at how you can grow your business base on just social networking alone.

Tip 7: Get interactive applications and yes! Video clips on your website.  I have to be honest, I usually never click on adds.  However, the times I have clicked on them I can attribute them to being on the site a little longer to use an SEO tool or to watch a video.  Even though video’s don’t read well with search engines it is a good tactic to help keep your audience more engaged with your page longer and can help spark other interests you may display on your website.

Tip 8: Keep learning.  As with all things in life being educated can help you go far.  SEO is no different.  You should always strive to learn what changes may be around the corner or what new tactic’s whether in link building or internet marking will help get you that edge on  your competition.

I hope this has helped, while this is just a handful of tips there are so many others out there.  I will try to share more of these tips in future posts as most of these can be expanded on tremendously.  Good luck in all your SEO ventures!