Benefiting With YouTube Marketing!

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Over the years You Tube has developed an impressive outreach to the public.  You tube accounts for approximately 40% of all United States videos served up on the web.  Its competitors; Fox Interactive Media, Hulu, Viacom and other various Microsoft sites only account for a total of 9% combined.  Another fun filled fact is You Tube is also the second largest search engine on the web, (video wise) next to Google.  With You Tube leading the pack it is no wonder so many people have turned to this powerhouse for advertising.  It is so massive of a social networking site that many businesses today are looking to pass along their brand awareness through this free service.

Videos are fantastic tools to reach out to your perspective audience.  Even in cases where language is a barrier in some area’s a video that may teach how to accomplish a task can breach this obstacle.  When someone may not understand you they can certainly watch and learn through action.  Videos are also great for spreading brand awareness for services you may offer and providing a link back to your website after a video is done being viewed.  A well titled video in You Tube can show up in Google fairly easily.  As Google owns You Tube authority is definitely passed along through the index pages in the search engines and definitely helps in promoting a You Tube video.  Another perk to having a video either on You Tube or linked to your website is its interactive nature with your audience.  They are great ways to help someone who stumbles on to a site to linger a little longer when they have a video that catches their attention so it is important to have an attention grabbing video.  With all these benefits You Tube is easily a key viral promotional tool.  When people like what they see they have the potential to get the word out to their friends and passed on to their other friends which brings what every marketer craves, free promotion!

Other than having a domino marketing effect to reach many people as a motivation there are also a few other factors to consider.  Feedback is offered through these videos.  It is a fact that not all videos are equal in quality or content but you can be sure that the audience viewing your advertisement will be sure to give you their opinion for better or worst.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you receive a frowned upon review as you can quickly go back and try a different approach for your next campaign.  Also, the benefit in putting up a video is you don’t have to have a high budget to pay for some overly expensive actors to play a part either.  In many videos they use simple and informative ways such as using a power point slide show to educate their perspective audience on various products ranging from selling chewing gum to ways of getting cheap car insurance quotes.  With You Tube you don’t need to have that million dollar wow factor to help win over your audience, so don’t wait!  Jump on this viral marketing that is sweeping the world and get your business seen,… literally.

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