What Makes a Good Backlink

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As many  have found getting links can be an easy task when you know where to look.  Even when you get these links it does not always mean it will benefit your website with increasing page rank.  I want to touch a bit on what to look for to make sure you are getting a good link pointing back to your site.  Now there are many websites, SEO tools and addon’s to different web browsers that you can use to make sure you are getting a good link pointing back to your site.  Use whatever you are familiar with that will help  you identify each of these tip topics.

Tip 1: Look for content quality in relationship to your website.  A link that has relation to your relative niche for your website with a keyword pointing to you site is a big boost and helps give favor to your website.  This helps give some authority to your site and is highly favored by the big “G”.

Tip 2: Another big factor to look at beside the content on the page is the page title.  The search engines use this to help index what pages are all about.  So it is another way to ensure you are getting more authority to your site just based off of page title related to your backlink niche.

Tip 3: Anchor Text.  This is a simple one but make sure you are not putting “here” or www.bestkitchens.whatever for your anchor text.  Make sure your anchor text is matching up with the specific keyword you are working towards with content relative to that anchor text.

Tip 4: Page rank of web page.  Now this will vary depending on what strategy you are going for.  It is not bad to work towards getting links that only have a 0 or 1 PR.  I say this because over all these will hopefully turn into higher page rank links over time so in a way these type are investments, especially if you know they will stay up over time while their page rank builds.  However; if you are looking for significant boost to your website you need to really be looking for PR 4+ to see a significant boost in your rankings.

Tip 5: Look who you are around.  It is a good idea to make sure, especially with sidebar links to see who else is next to you in the link list.  If you are all about pets for your niche and most people around you that are getting links are not related to a pet niche in any way, shape or form then you need to either look else where and see if you can get the webmaster to remove your link.  Sometimes these links are seen as either link farms or paid links which google does frown upon.

Tip 6: Check the indexed pages to page rank ratio.  If you come to a site and it has a lot of links coming out of it.  It is not always the best boost but if you are intent on putting a link on that page make sure it has plenty of pages indexed that support what a aged site with high page rank would have indexed.  These can be a sure sign of link farm.

Tip 7: Check out how many links are coming from the site.  On one of my other posts I related page rank as electricity.  Now when you get shocked initially and it doesn’t make to many jumps it will give your site a good shock aka back link.  However if you have a ton of back links coming out of a site the amount of shock you are going to get will be more like static electricity and will not give you a good boost from the link.

Tip 8: Get .gov and .edu domains.  These type of links because of the natural links to those sites and google putting authority to those sites if you can get a link from these type of domains it can really boost the strength of your own domain.

These are of course not all things to look for but are a few key area’s  you should pay attention to when you are trying to get a good backlink.  Hope this helps all of you in your link building ventures!

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