Why it is Important to Have a Blog

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I absolutely love blogs.  It is great way for people to express themselves and also to reach out to their followers that have common interests with their topics.  There are many ways that blogs can help your  website.  Below is a list of some great benefits to having a blog, take a look!

Simple URL’s:     Blogs, are by nature easy for the search engine bots to crawl and index.  This can in turn provide a way for people searching for other long tail keywords to find their way to your site.  Any additional traffic you can bring to your website the better.

Link Magnet: It is no surprise that you can get links much easier coming to your blog than coming to your main homepage.  Basically if you people come to your blog to read the latest on what ever topic you are engaged in, if people like it they have a good probability to spread the word through linking to your blog from theirs.  This is a great way for reaching out in your respective niche to another audience that may never have heard of your site before.

RSS :     RSS feeds from your blog will assist in building link popularity and when RSS content is syndicated or cited by other blogs, any embedded links will also assist in sending traffic.

Fresh content:     Getting new material up on your site is rewarding in two ways.  It can keep people coming back and engaging in your site as well as making sure the big “G” keeps coming back frequently.  This will help your new content to become searchable much more quickly than if you only put up fresh content once a month.

Non-Search traffic:     The best thing about blogs is that they have nothing to do with search engine rankings.  My point is that blogs allow you to generate substantial amounts of traffic via RSS and links that have NOTHING to do with search engines.  And this is golden and is probably one of the most important reasons to have a blog.  The more traffic base you can build without having to do the work to get to the top five in google the better and more stable your website business will be.

In a nutshell blogs can help promote your website without having to be focusing on link building all the time and is a great way to express your thoughts.  Over time I believe we will see trends like twitter, RSS and other similar services being able to reach a much broader traffic base rather than going after a certain keyword in the search engine.  So break into the field now while you can and experiment, if you are successful you will see an increase in your traffic base.  Happy blogging!

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