How to get Free Backlinks to Your Site

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I am sure we have all sought after ways we can get more links to our website.  People can make a real business just out of providing this kind of service.  What I want to share with you is some ways you can get free back links to your site.  While this process can definitely take time, especially starting out over time you will see the rewards and even get quicker at doing it.  See some of these greats ways below.

Directory Submissions: You can get a bunch of free good back links to quality directories.   There are some things to look out for while looking for directories to submit your website to.

  • A good directory would never ask for a link back
  • Try to find how old the directory is, the older the better
  • Check the number of sites already submitted because the more the number of sites the better it is
  • Check if the site links to websites that are potentially bad neighborhoods.

RSS Feeds: Many people out there are don’t want to put up new content themselves and will go out and grab RSS feeds to provide their content. With people wanting to use your new content this can in turn provide the potential to get many links pointing back to your site for free.

Article Marketing: Write articles that relate to your websites niche and submit them to places like e-zine articles.  After you write a few articles you can usually get the option to  put links to other sites in your signature page.  The great thing with these article sites is you can get engaged with a community that will provide traffic to your site and also these sites have some good page rank which can help make the link to your site more powerful.

Website Review: There are websites  that conduct reviews of  other websites.  Submit to these and with each review you are sure to get at least one free back link.

Tools and Widgets: Get some good applications on your site that other people find valuable and that will get some good use.  If you can get something popular enough you can ask people that sign up to use the application to provide a link back to the site that provided that tool.  It is a great way to build up some links.

There are still many other ways you can get free links back to your site in which I hope to touch on some in the future.  Until then, keep researching and finding other ways to get those links, in the end it will only help you!

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