Top 8 SEO Tips

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Yeah, I’ve read this before what else is new?

We have all read tips on the internet to try and better ourselves as marketer’s.  Some of the tips out there are genuine, others are misguided.  What all these boil down to is how can you rank your site on the big “G” the quickest.  After all regardless of your business, the more traffic you have coming to a site the better your chances are of conversion.  So, I want to give you my prospective on what to look for as you create and or help rank your current site and things I wish I could have known when I first started in the SEO business.  I do this in the hopes that it will save some heartache for some future generations SEOers!

Tip 1: Keyword RESEARCH. Yes this is a two word tip.  This is Always the number one thing I like to do before putting any of my time or money into your search engine optimization efforts.  Why do I say this?  You could have a target in front of you, you know your key audience.  You may even have the bow and arrow to get you to that target.  However, you may not have the arrow head you need to get your arrow to stick in that target.  Knowing what people are actually searching for in your niche is extremely important not only to help you bring in traffic to your site but also to raise your conversions.  When you have your keyword set you know it is going to stick to your target “audience.”  This in the long term will also save you time and money.  As you succeed in a keyword, this in turn is a snowball effect to help you change your focus to other keywords that can broaden your audience and increase your sales.  You can do research for free here.  While this is not the only tool you can use to do research it is worth using just to get an idea of traffic and keywords you may choose for your respective business.

Tip 2: Know the rules!  I firmly believe whether you are hiring someone to do your links or you are venturing into your own SEO work, you should know Google’s Webmaster guidelines.  I am a firm believer in white hat tactics.  The more you can adhere to google’s rules the better off and more longevity your site will have.  If you have never heard this before, there are things you can do to get your site ripped out of the search engine.  There are a lot of different factor’s that can attribute to this but you need to know what CAN hurt you.  This also will help if you are going to hire someone to help weed out those SEOer’s that could potentially do more harm than good to your website.  Like GI Joe, knowing is half the battle.  You can read these guidelines here.

Tip 3: Use the Title-tags.   This does not necessarily guarantee substantial movement in the search engines but it is a good way to get people to click on your site.  Think about this for a moment, when you do a search for anything in Google results show what is in the title first.  One thing you want to stay away from is having an untitled web page.  It will not attract too many visitor’s if any at all.  With this more times than not you only have one shot to make a good first impression.  When people search, they are skimming your title’s trying to find what best pertains to what they are looking for.  So be creative and be professional.

Tip 4: Get good content on the website.  It is a good idea to put up content on your site.  This is something the big “G” loves.  Fresh and new content being put up on your site definitely gives you some kudos from the search engines.  This also is a way for you to fit in your researched keywords you believe will best help your business.  As you put up this content, be sure to include the keyword you are looking for as these will get indexed and gain age over time.  This will in turn be setting up your site to build some powerful prospective pages to link to and boost your over all domain’s page rank and authority.

Tip 5: Get to work on getting links!  This is something you should start as soon as you have the first five tips done.  While every domain is different, and by this I mean different in age, content, page rank, etc. Link building will help your site rank (if done correctly) and a lot of different factor’s can either give you a good link or a bad one.  One good method to do is go out and start doing blog commenting related to your websites niche.  While these are not always permanent they can provide you with some google juice flowing to your website and help lift you up in the search engines a little for each link you have.  Another good way is to do article marketing.  These are good ways to get some high PR sites to point back at your site with content related to what your business is all about.  It is always a good to try and get links from other relevant domains as this can help Google see your site as having some authority in a specific niche and will help a website get a little bump up from other websites that you may compete against.  Some debate that page rank does not matter, I believe this to not be true.  When you get some links pointing to your site that are PR3 + it will definitely boost you up in those search engines as long as they are not from farm blogs ;-)   I see this transfer of page rank much as an electric current.  If you get shocked by the outlet some of that electricity passes on to you.  This same concept applies to links pointing to your website.  So get started on these right away!

Tip 6: Start doing some social networking.  Many years ago before the age of technology people had to communicate with other businesses to help each other grow.  Same thing applies today.  Get involved with forums related to your niche. Use face book and twitter.  These are some great ways to reach out to a lot of people who you may not otherwise be able to reach with ad campaigns and other conventional methods.  I view this similarly to getting a job.  You may go out and get a degree and have many qualifications that show you can do the job, but in the end it was really who you knew who got you the job.  Try reaching out, you will be surprised at how you can grow your business base on just social networking alone.

Tip 7: Get interactive applications and yes! Video clips on your website.  I have to be honest, I usually never click on adds.  However, the times I have clicked on them I can attribute them to being on the site a little longer to use an SEO tool or to watch a video.  Even though video’s don’t read well with search engines it is a good tactic to help keep your audience more engaged with your page longer and can help spark other interests you may display on your website.

Tip 8: Keep learning.  As with all things in life being educated can help you go far.  SEO is no different.  You should always strive to learn what changes may be around the corner or what new tactic’s whether in link building or internet marking will help get you that edge on  your competition.

I hope this has helped, while this is just a handful of tips there are so many others out there.  I will try to share more of these tips in future posts as most of these can be expanded on tremendously.  Good luck in all your SEO ventures!

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